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About BKKS

Since formation in 1970 our goal has only ever been to support Nishikigoi hobbyist’s and their clubs (we know these as Sections). As the hobby grew during those formative years (you might say exploded), importing Japanese koi for hobbyists and ponds, alongside exhibiting Nishikigoi at a competitive level, also dramatically rose in popularity.

We were formed to provide a national support structure for the Nishikigoi hobby. We aren’t complicated, we have some rules but our aim remains the same – support Nishikigoi hobbyist’s and clubs.

This hobby has many facet’s, something for everyone you might say, so why not enjoy it, promote it, and ultimately enjoy these majestic creatures for everything they represent.

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If you’re wondering what’s next on the U.K. Koi Calender, look no further than Crouch Valley’s Koi Show, August 3rd & 4th 👇


#worldofnishikigoi #bkks


This weekend… See you there!


Make sure you grab one of these from the Show Entrance this weekend! #worldofnishikigoi #bkks #nationalkoishow


Many thanks to our UK Shinkokai Members for, once again, organising this award for The 44th National Koi Show. See you all next week, at The Heart of England!


Thanks to Exclusively Koi and Lee Hadfield - The 44th National Koi Show Sunday Auction.


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If you are not currently a member of the BKKS, we actively encourage you to join and become part of the future developments. The current Full UK BKKS annual membership subscription is just £17.00!