2018 Winners

The following were winners at the 2018 BKKS National Koi Show.

Held at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre, Warwickshire, in June 23rd and June 24th.

Full list of Results in a PDF file for viewing or Downloading is here: Full Results 2018 National Koi Show

Major Awards are below.

Photo’s by kind permission of Anthony Grey:

GRAND CHAMPION – Kohaku 92cm Owner Kevin Paul

Reserve Grand Champion – Shiro Utsuri 84cm Owner Andrew Moorby

Jumbo Champion – Taisho Sanke 99cm Owner Kevin Paul

Mature Champion – Shiro Utsuri 84cm Owner Andrew Moorby

Adult Champion – Kohaku 64cm Owner Andrew Moorby

Young Champion – Showa 54cm Owner Paul Tinker

Baby Champion – Taisho Sanke 32cm Owner Steve Watson Best Tategoi

Best Tategoi – Taisho Sanke 52cm Owner James Colley

Best Doitsu – Showa Size 52cm Owner – Dick McCormack

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