Recommended Reading - March 2022
Date: 01/03/2022

Recommended Reading:

Top of the list is two influential early titles from Peter Waddington and Nigel Caddock. Peter and Nigel's legacies live on within these pages and given the success of Koi Kichi; Peter followed this with a second book, Koi 2 Kichi. Nigel's Still Waters covers a number of trips he made to Japan alongside Peter, it also contains numerous quality images of show winning hobbyist's ponds.

Koi Kichi - Peter Waddington
Softcover ISBN - 095263810X

koikichi 1 768x609

Nishikigoi Still Waters - Nigel Caddock
Hardcover ISBN - 0953066711

stillwaters 730x1024

Harald spent a number of years both working and living in Japan. Harald's extensive knowledge is imparted in a concise manner, with Koi 1 split into 4 easy to understand sections. Harald explains details surrounding not only body form, appreciation and key pattern elements (Sashi/Kiwa), but also significant detail surrounding the main Japanese Go Sanke Bloodlines.

Koi 1 - Go Sanke & Koi 2 - Kawari Varieties - Harald Bachmann
Koi 1 Hardcover ISBN - 978-3-9811622-2-6
Koi 2 Hardcover ISBN - 978-3-9811622-3-3

koi 1 2 768x566

This is the first in a series of three books from the father of Taro Kodama, Mamoru Kodama. Mamoru Kodama is one of the original Japanese Koi Dealers and to this day continues in his passion of spreading Nishikigoi knowledge to improve understanding. This is beautifully presented within its own box; includes a CD, a Q & A Booklet and a Koi Glossary.

Kokugyo Vol.1 - Introduction of Nishikigoi - Mamoru Kodama

This book may only be available overseas via Kodama Koi Farm alongside Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 (No ISBN).

kokugyo1 768x506

Recommended Viewing:

The first recommended series focuses on Mark Gardner. Mark Gardner's Nishikigoi TV (NTV) produced some great materiel on DVD, most of which can still be found on YouTube. A series of three videos filmed alongside Mike Snaden following their visit(s) to various breeders in Japan.

The Hunt For Jumbo Tosai - Part 1

The Hunt For Jumbo Tosai - Part 2

The Hunt For Jumbo Tosai - Part 3

If there is anything that you also feel influences Nishikigoi and their understanding, get in touch via

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