Judging Standards Committee (JSC)

JSC Committee

The JSC is the second oldest sub-committee of the British Koi Keepers Society (BKKS), second only to the National Show Committee. However, we have the honour of being the one with the longest uninterrupted service. We are second too in the world’s JSC’s behind the Japanese Zen Nippon Airinkai (ZNA).

As you will see from our ranks we have some long serving members mixed in with a good mix of young blood. Outside of their JSC activity many have some deep experience having been involved in many of the Society’s shows at both national and provincial level, including several former show chairmen.

The BKKS JSC maintains links with the JSC’s of other koi societies and have taken up invitations to judge in the following countries, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, and the USA.

Allan Tait
JSC Chairman, Allocations Officer & NSC Liaison Officer
Carol McCall
JSC Secretary
Chris Woolger
JSC Training Officer
Walter Reed
Gary Pritchard
Keith Bertie
Tony Sheffield
Gary Hillier
Kieron Burns
Bernie Woolands
Judge & JSC webmaster
Stefan Malm
Gary Hazley
Katie McGill
Honorary Judge
Anthony Grey
David Edge
Trainee Judge

JSC News

Catching up with the news – May 2024.

1: One down – but not out.

Iain Kirkbright, Judge (2015-2024) resigned at our last JSC meeting (17th March) due to pressure of work. As many will know he recently started a new chain of travel agents that we are happy to learn are very successful. These along with his web-hosting, web & graphic design businesses and his ever growing tribe of grand children have now become his focus for existence.

Iain joined the JSC in 2015 after completing his probationary & trainee period starting in 2010. Taking up our Allocations Officer position in 2018. He was also the web-master for the BKKS JSC site. But his biggest contribution to the hobby must surely be KoiShowPro (KSP) the application suite that saves koi show organisers a lot of time and manpower. Iain may be gone but KSP will live on and continue to be a benefit to the clubs that run koi shows.

Iain’s tasks within the JSC will be taken by others. Allan Tait will assume the Judges Allocations and Bernie Woollands will be our new web-master.

The JSC wish Iain well in his latest endeavors, and thank him for the work he put into the hobby while a member of the JSC.

2: One in.
A warm welcome to our latest trainee judge – David Edge.

David joined our ranks after successfully completing the Judges entrance exam on March 3rd 2024. David has a wealth of koi show experience especially in the field of water management and koi health maintenance. His exam results show great promise for his new venture into the world of judging.

3: Two changes.
3.1: As mentioned earlier we have a new Allocations Officer in the shape of Allan Tait. Thanks to the online ‘allocations’ facility within this site, booking judges for the Society’s shows has been seamless.

3.2: The webmaster transition hasn’t been so seamless with our new man only having access since 24th May. Unfortunately the JSC web had suffered from Covid having affecting its maintenance and upkeep. However, no data has been lost and in due course it will be brought back to the present as soon as possible.

Can You Judge Koi?

Why not join the BKKS - JSC (Judging Standards Committee) and learn how to judge at shows throughout the UK? We will be starting a new training programme this Autumn.

You will need good knowledge of koi Show Classes and the varieties within, an understanding of how koi shows are run (ideally having worked at your Section show), and an awareness of show rules & guidelines.

The training programme consists of an annual seminar and practical training at koi shows. The seminar lasts a day and is in three parts:

1) A written exam paper with 60 questions
2) A benching test - 30 projected photos for you to classify the koi into its show class and identify its variety.
3) A Judging test - 3koi photos, and you must place them 1st, 2nd &3rd. The answers are discussed in detail to act as a learning exercise.

To apply, you must be a fully paid-up member of the BKKS and be able to travel to koi shows around the UK. If you are interested in joining the programme, please apply with the form below.

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