Historical BKKS Magazines
Date: 22/04/2022

Arriving at our Koi Club Meeting this afternoon a close friend and past member of the BKKS Committee handed me these:

historical 768x1024

If you know me, you will know I am big on the history of Nishikigoi in the U.K.  Some people keep every programme from a football match and I am much the same with koi memorabilia. Some of you might be thinking, why?  It is out of date, old and irrelevant, isn't it? I would agree with that to a point, e.g. the big steps forward with filtration (Bio Rotators/Drums) or the media (K1 Micro/Hel-X 13) most now use - technology marches on. I mentioned in the previous blog some of my thoughts on bottom drains and gravity-fed systems, flicking open the 2004 Show Programme this jumped out:

screen1 768x1024

In my view and what might come as a surprise, is the omission of only thing from that list of Dos...

screen2 768x590

Item 9 'Do use a trickle in/out principle and correct water purification, test source water and understand it.' Large regular water changes, whilst not totally outdated, are surpassed by this approach. An 18-year-old magazine that is still relevant, who'd have thought it!!

If there is anything that you also feel influences Nishikigoi and their understanding, get in touch via chairman@bkks.co.uk

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