Chairmans Blog - September 2022
Date: 30/09/2022

1,653 miles and counting...

September saw visits to Koi Water Barn in Kent, the Heart of England Showground and the Mid Staffs Koi Keeping Society's Show.  Followed at the end of the month, by the All England Koi Show, organised by the South-East Koi Club.

Autumn is definitely here, with hobbyists no doubt keeping one eye on the weather, and the other on the electricity (or gas) meter.  No surprise given the on going global supply challenges and chaotic energy markets.  I would urge you to not act drastically, or more to the point, to the detriment of your fish.

Covers of-course make sense if you are heated, and there is no harm in re-assessing your goals as a koi keeper.  As you might imagine, the heat or not to heat debate, is more prevalent now than ever before.

From a personal perspective, adding heat to my pond a number of years ago, greatly improved its and my ability.  The fish of-course were happier, which at the end of the day is the most important aspect for me.  At this stage, I'm heeding my own advice and won't be taking any drastic steps.  That doesn't detract from perhaps taking time to look over your equipment; it may be worth spending a little, to save a little.

Somewhat drastic savings can and have been found, for example, by swapping out older high wattage pumps.

OASE gave an informative presentation at KWB earlier this month, providing tips and tricks around energy saving.  Take a look at their website, as I understand they may be running Seminars on this topic.

Some of the fish available at Koi Water Barn - you can find KWB's location in our Dealer Locator.

Sunday 18th, and it was up to Wolverhampton (Shareshill) for the BKKS Mid Staffs Koi Keepers Society Show.  I know one or two of the Club Members, and it was a great few hours.  A super Bonsai Stand, alongside a number of both wet and dry dealers. Arriving at 10:30am, it was a little chilly first thing, but lots of tea and hot food was available, alongside some 20 vats of exhibitors fish.

Congratulations to Stephen Gear, with the Grand Champion Tamaura Kohaku. Stephen also exhibited a Matsue Kohaku (62cm), duly awarded Adult Champion.

I have also included a video of the Jumbo Champion Chagoi (98cm) exhibited by Bill Oakley.  A great vat of fish, especially if you are like your single coloured koi - congratulations Bill.

As always, check out Liam's Blog over at World Of Nishikigoi for all of the Major Awards.

October (1st/2nd) sees the last show of the U.K. Koi Calendar taking place, and my last 'show road trip' of 2022.  I'll be heading up to the BKKS Birmingham & West Midlands Koi Society's Show (Dudley) on Sunday (2nd).

If you can make it, or are in the vicinity, please drop in, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Given these blogs always end up being far too long, I'm going to call it a day.  I will provide the All England update in October's Blog, hopefully before Halloween!

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