Chairman's Blog - October 2022
Date: 30/10/2022

Digital Attraction...

The end of September saw the South-East Koi Club organise the 35th All England Koi Show.

Lee Manning's Sanke's were awarded GC (Sakai) and Supreme Champion (Taniguchi) respectively - Lee was also awarded Adult Champion with a stunning Gin Rin Kohaku.

The GC Sanke was also awarded Supreme Champion at the BKKS National Koi Show earlier this year.

Something achieved only a handful of times in the U.K. - Lee's Taniguchi Sanke becoming a 3 x GC winning fish, inspiration if ever you need it!

The astute amongst you will have noticed these videos are hosted on our YouTube Channel.  This simply allows us to take the 'load' off our web server and provides a useful platform moving forward; feel free to Subscribe.

Back to the Show; a busy Friday benching, lots of dealers in attendance, alongside a number of impressive vats of fish.  There were also a number of new exhibitors, which is always great to see.

Johan Leurs was also in the U.K. for the Weekend, covering the show for Koi Zanmai.  I also caught up with Keith, who'll you'll remember from a previous Blog, Keith's Art didn't disappoint.

We have introduced a number of changes online this year, and during October, we have been working on the development of our online Membership Cards.

Providing a digital record of your membership made sense, these will appear in Members Accounts over the coming weeks, and feel free to add your photo!

There are a couple of Committee Meetings left to complete this year, and I will be attending the Judging Standards Council (JSC) AGM into November.

There is lots still going on in the hobby; October sees Japanese mud pond harvests taking place, with Breeders bringing their fish inside for the colder months.

Numerous U.K. Koi Dealers are on Buying Trips, providing regular updates on selections (check out FaceBook Pages our Websites for updates), and some of you may be making a trip to Japan yourself.

If Koi Shows are your thing, Japanese Koi Shows take place regularly in both October and November, most notable for hobbyists being the ZNA International (check out Hikari Japan's FaceBook Page for regular 'Live Streams.')

Whatever you are up to, stay safe and enjoy it!


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