Chairmans Blog - November 2022
Date: 30/11/2022
Historical BKKS Show's...

I am one of those people who likes a bit of history, throw in a few statistics, and you've got me.

I mentioned a few months ago I was putting together a potted history of BKKS Grand Champion's (GC's) and any other information I could find.  I'd like to extend a huge thank you to Greg Sutton for supplying, via the JSC, a number of hugely useful historical documents.

Grand Champion's will take you to the file, providing an array of information dating back to the 1st BKKS National Koi Show (1976).

  • Bill Oakley holds the No. 1 spot, with an impressive 9 GC's
  • Joe Wilmington holds the No. 2 spot, with 4 GC's (Bill and Joe's GC's were all supplied by Infiltration)
  • Kevin Paul is in the No.3 spot, with 3 GC's ('17, '18 & '19 with the same Maruyama Kohaku)
  • Infiltration remain the most successful dealer, supplying 19 National Koi Show GC's (Peter Waddington)
  • Yume Koi hold 2nd place in the Dealers Category, with 9 GC's
  • Select Nishikigoi International hold 3rd place in the Dealers Category, with 3 GC's (Kevin Paul)

You will see this data also details any fish names, not something you see so much these days, i.e. Duchess, Doris or Lady Di.  Nothing wrong with giving your fish names by the way!

The other interesting area are the numbers of fish exhibited each year.

  • 1991 is our record year, with 613 koi exhibited
  • Exhibit numbers drop away during the late 90's, picking up again into '04/'05

Unfortunately our data lets us down a little, as we don't have the exhibitor numbers for some of the intervening years.

  • 2019 sees our modern record, with 414 koi exhibited

2025 should be our 5oth Anniversary Show, however there are five years where the show did not run for various reasons.

Other news...

Our JSC AGM took place on the 20th November, with Allan Tait succeeding Gary Pritchard as our new JSC Chair.

I am sure you will join me in wishing both Gary a happy and healthy retirement, and Allan success in his new role.

December tends to be a fairly quiet month for us, although our National Koi Show Committee Meetings are shortly due to restart.

Stay safe and I'll have some more ramblings for you next month!



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