Chairman's Blog - March 2024
Date: 13/04/2024
Happy Easter…

March is usually one of the busier months in The Society calendar, as numerous membership renewals take place this month, alongside various National Koi Show readiness tasks.

Worth mentioning, that at the end of February we were engaged by the Companion Animal Sector Council or CASC, to take part in a series of working groups.  CASC is an Advisory Panel working alongside DEFRA and UK GOV in relation to the 2006 Animal Welfare Act.

There was, as you’d expect, widespread inclusion from the various goldfish, reptile, rabbit and other Societies.

It’s worth pointing out that The Society, back in the early 2000’s, were also involved in the drafting of the current legislation (albeit under a different advisory panel; all a bit Deja Vu you might say!)

Ultimately Animal Trade Fairs may in themselves become a licensed activity, with licensing based on a Tired approach (size of show, activities carried out, sales, etc.)  A Draft Paper is due to be published by U.K. GOV, already somewhat delayed, but that we all hope provides some further clarity.

Talking about The National Show, our show committee have launched this years show branding, which is rather nice if I do say so myself!


'A place where the finest Nishikigoi compete' is a translation of the Kanji shown on the poster, and you can find this and all other events taking place this year in our Events section.

I understand from our Show Chairman that Trade Stand bookings are going very well, and we opened exhibitor vat bookings over the Easter Weekend, the show is certainly shaping up nicely.

At 13:00 this coming Sunday (14th April), our Society AGM takes place at The Heart of England.  Thanks to those of you that have already sent acceptances or apologies.

The following weekend I will be heading out to the ZNA Belgian Koi Show; an 80 vat show that takes place in Affligem, near Brussels.

Whatever you’re up to, stay safe and enjoy the hobby.


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