Chairman's Blog - February 2024
Date: 08/03/2024
Japan Trip Part 1.1

Apologies for a slightly delayed February Blog.

Our National Show Committee have kicked up a gear given Trade Stand Bookings will open at the end of February, alongside the myriad of other actions needed for this years 44th National Koi Show. Our JSC have a Judge's Trainee Seminar planned, and their Spring AGM also on the horizon.

We are also looking at a new page and content for the JSC on our website, this should be live in the coming weeks.

I have previously mentioned proposed changes to show size classifications; a number of hobbyists have reached out to me on this over the last few weeks, and I wanted to offer reassurance that we won't be rushing into making these changes without relevant consultation.

I know it's February in Blog World, but I did want to mention that we have issued our AGM Notification.

Our Society AGM takes place on Sunday 14th April at the Heart of England Conference & Events Centre. Members can find the AGM Notification in the Members Area of our website. - we will also shortly provide our Agenda and AOB’s.

If you follow the Blog, you'll know I alluded to a ‘surprise’ last month...

Back in Tokyo; on the Saturday night ahead of Sunday's All Japan Koi Show Award Ceremony, I was asked by Mike Hughes & Lee Bailey (Shosha Koi) to collect an Award for a 35bu Tancho Goshiki, which had been awarded a Tsubaki Prize.

There are some 1,800 awards or prizes at the AJKS, and the awards structure is very different to a U.K. show; Majors, yes, but also numerous Kokugyo and Division Champions. Alongside, variety specific classes (Tsubaki, Miyabi, Sakura, etc.) and the corresponding Champions.

It was an honour to do this for Shosha Koi; picking up any award at the biggest and most prestigious show in the world is a fantastic achievement.

I would again like to thank Mike & Lee for the opportunity, even if perhaps a little nerve wracking!


If you are interested in finding out more about the All Japan Koi Show, there are videos and articles currently circulating that might be of interest.

Anthony & Stephen Grey (North East Section) have put together a couple of great videos; talking about the show, and also showcasing some of the approx. 2,200 fish that were exhibited.

You could also check out Steve Rollins article (Crouch Valley Section); Steve's article was recently published in Koi-Net Magazine, providing an in-depth read alongside lots of information about show sizes and awards.

World of Nishikigoi also recently published a video on YouTube, showcasing the Dream Koi Exhibition that also took place over the AJKS weekend; you can find that on YouTube, via the World of Nishikigoi Channel.

That’s it for me for this month, enjoy the hobby and take care.



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