Chairmans Blog - August 2022
Date: 31/08/2022

Back in May’s Blog I mentioned what was shaping up to be a busy Summer, I wasn’t wrong.

We are in the midst of ‘show season’ and us koi keepers like to talk about the weather – the recent Crouch Valley Koi Show saw ambient temperatures in the large glass house, reach in excess of 90 degrees

Aside from the GC vat spawning, the Show Team dealt with the temperatures admirably, there were large industrial fans blowing across the weekend, which certainly helped.

One of my favourites aspects of our hobby is a show, although putting on a koi show is no easy feat. A willing band of volunteers prepared to give up their time freely, may not be so easy to come by as you might think. If you can get out to support these shows, the Sections and respective Show Teams will be hugely appreciative.

We can’t escape the current fiscal environment, show entry costs remain minimal, especially when you think about entrance fees to other events. Sunday entrance to Crufts, as an example, costs £55.

Crouch Valley are an amazingly friendly Club, and the South East Koi Club (my local club) were keen to show their support this year, so I also went along to help the club with their Benching.

Benching is usually what takes place on the Friday prior to a Show Weekend, and involves the categorisation of all fish entered in the show. We use software called Koi Show Pro, which certainly makes things easier (I’ve seen pictures of the mountains, literally, of paperwork from the 90’s).

All fish are photographed and entered into their respective varieties, the software also provides a clear and easy structure for Judging.

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Let’s not forget I’m a hobbyist too

I entered two size 6 fish, a Kohaku and a Goshiki. The Goshiki was awarded Best In Class, Best Non Go Sanke and Mature Champion, and the Kohaku 1st in Class/Size.

I don’t believe a Goshiki has taken a Major Award at a koi show in the U.K. in many years, if at all. Go Sanke are in their own right magical, however the allure of other varieties remains a big passion of mine.

The koi hobby has so much to offer

Shows are really only a small part of the hobby, the majority of koi keepers would never take their fish to a show, they get far more enjoyment, at home, spending time with them by the pond – this is purely another extension of the hobby, that everyone is welcome to take part in.

As August rolls into September, the nights will start drawing in, so get out and enjoy the hobby, your ponds and the koi community as a whole.

Part 2

Sitting here at 18:50 on the 31st, I’m determined to publish August’s Blog, in August!

The Great British Koi Show took place over the weekend just gone. The Yorkshire Show Team are a great bunch, I know some of them through the hobby in general, and also via the National Koi Show.

Fundamentally my aim as Chairman is to promote, support and further the understanding of Nishikigoi, so getting behind any new show is of-course the right thing to do.

Due to work commitments I could only spend the Friday and Saturday up in Newark. Leaving the house at 4:30am, It was a long Friday, but ultimately a great weekend.

Yorkshire, like Crouch, are amazingly friendly; I wanted to give a quick mention to Julie, who’s amazing BBQ cooking skills and sense of humour, across the entire build, no doubt kept everyone going.

Favourite fish? Tough that, some lovely Jumbo Kohaku, you know me, either the Best Non Go Sanke or Best Doitsu; two remarkable fish. You’ll struggle to find a better Shusui, but I personally liked Shaun Gee’s Benigoi (size 7), which must have been in excess of 85cm – congratulations to all the award winners at both Crouch and Yorkshire.

In other Sections News, the West Wales BKKS Section Show also took place, where I understand Cliff Beckett’s Torazo Kohaku was awarded GC (Grand Champion).

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Check out Liam’s Blog for the pictures on both shows

September looks like a busy month also; two further shows taking place; Mid Staffs BKKS Section and also the All England. I’d like to visit the Mid Staffs Show, and I’ll be on Benching Duties for my local club (South East) at the All England.

There are also a few dealer events taking place in September; I’ll be heading over to see Keith, Jasmine and the Team at Koi Water Barn.

31st at 21:20, it’s still August…

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