Chairman's Blog - April 2023
Date: 30/04/2023
‘Badges.. To Belgium & Back…’

I mentioned the Society’s AGM in my last Blog, and as exepcted the last few weeks have been busy.

This annual meeting is our committees opportunity to close out numerous actions and conversations that have taken place across the year, culminating in paperwork, and yep, more paperwork.

Our AGM Minutes and Proposal Results, will also shortly be published in our online Members Area.

Whilst I’m on the subject of the AGM; Allan Tait took us through a couple of Society backed JSC changes that we are looking to make into 2024.

I thought it easier to demonstrate the show size classification changes, by way of a picture from a recent Japanese breeders auction:


The two numbers bottom left (46) are somewhat astonishing, and at this point, it is worth remembering the current size boundaries:

Size 1 - 15 to 25cm
Size 2 - 25 to 35cm
Size 3 - 35 to 45cm
Size 4 - 45 to 55cm
Size 5 - 55 to 65cm
Size 6 - 65 to 75cm
Size 7 - 75cm+

This puts that fish in size 4… at Tosai (1 year old).

Some might say this is perhaps an extreme example, however we have to appreciate Breeders are continually pushing boundaries, by improving genetics (Oyagoi = Parents), or tweaks and improvements to growing techniques, it is after all how they earn their living.

The point being breeders don’t stand still - our size classifications do as they have never changed!

Therefore we will be looking to redress some of this imbalance, by increasing the size boundaries:

Size 1 - 15 to 30cm
Size 2 - 31 to 40cm
Size 3 - 41 to 50cm
Size 4 - 51 to 60cm
Size 5 - 61 to 70cm
Size 6 - 71 to 80cm
Size 7 - 81cm+

Onto other news and as we are talking about koi size, some of you will be pleased to see that this year, we’re reintroducing our Show Pin badges.

These are quite a departure from previous pins, and for me it was all about a true representation of a jumbo (large) fish; cue body conformation.

Our older pins lacked body, and we all know we need koi with great conformation - the same goes for our show pins!


I’m sure we’ll be doing a giveaway, or something a little different with these in the run up to July's National Show.

We felt we should start with the 'Big Three' which means we'll have a 'set of three' pins available, alongside an individual Sanke pin.

The individual Sanke pin becomes this years' pin variety choice, and with a view to highlighting the success this variety achieved last year.

Belgium Koi Show (BKS)

I was pleased when Liam mentioned he was making the visit over to the BKS (Belgium Koi Show), given Liam and I had a couple of conversations last year, about one or two European hobbyists, alongside the fish they own.

Filip & Els Decker regularly popped into those conversations, given they own an a wonderful Kohaku from the Sakai Dynamite Ochiba Bloodline (Magnum).

As far as I'm aware, this fish is one of, if not the most successful fish... ever! (certainly across the European continent and the U.K.)

Miss Magnum as she’s aptly named, has won 10 GC Titles over the years in Holland, France and of-course Belgium. Huge congratulations to Filip and Els for another GC, and for maintaining the sheer beauty of this fish, over such a period of time.


I’m sure Liam will be sharing more information in due course, and as always, check out Liam's Blog over at World Of Nishikigoi for further updates.

I’m already edging into boring territory with the length of this Blog, so as we are now only 8 weeks away from our National Koi Show, I’d like to once again say a big thank you to all of the Exhibitors who have booked vats, and of-course those dealers who are supporting us across the weekend.


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